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moulded rubber parts About BS Elastomers

BS Elastomers

Established in 1984, BS Elastomers has strived to become a UK Leading provider of manufactured rubber moulded, composite elastomer & bonded part solutions. With over 100 years combined experience in the rubber industry in our in-house UK team, we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to deliver your parts on time & to a high standard.

We believe in innovation, flexibility, teamwork and operating with integrity. We make sure that all our staff conduct themselves with these core values to deliver high quality solutions, bespoke or part of our core range. Working with customers in the Aerospace, Automotive, Military, Medical & Marine industries, we have developed an understanding of quality, cost & delivery that matches the needs of the customer.

In 2018, we became part of a group headed by Geometric Manufacturing, a diverse and innovative engineering business. We are continuing to invest in our team and our work by upgrading equipment and facilities that will take us into the next phase of our business. We aim to continue being the leading provider for elastomers and rubber solutions.

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BS Elastomers Operations

BS Elastomers is headed by Steve Dawes, who himself has over 30 years in the rubber parts manufacturing industry. Steve is aiming to continue the process of making BS Elastomers more efficient, innovative and agile to be as flexible as possible for our customers. Martyn Cook runs the production of the business to make sure everything runs smoothly and has the technical pedigree to understand the best solution for your business. Chloe Beckingham is our Administration Graduate at BS Elastomers. Chloe has been with us for a year and is doing her HNC in Business. She is main point of contact for our customers and will direct any questions that need an answer internally

Operating out of a 25,000 sqft building we have continually invested in equipment and our staff. We have a dedicated laboratory to test all parts as well as separate QC facilities to keep the manufacturing process separate and agile.

BS Elastomers 3 step process to ordering your moulded rubber products

With continuous innovation, BS Elastomers has been able to develop a simple 3 step process to deliver your parts from initial enquiry to delivery.
Step 1: Contact us for a free, no-obligation quote. Simply tell us about exactly what you’re looking for and the volume. If there is anything specific such as material requirements or if you have a drawing, please send this to us as well.
Step 2: Once your order is confirmed, we can start the manufacturing process. We will manufacture, quality check and thoroughly test (where necessary) your parts to make sure they are manufactured to the highest standard and will not fail under stress.
Step 3: We deliver your parts either using our own in-house courier department or a selection of national courier services. At this point, you should quality check them yourselves and let us know within 28 days of any faults.

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